Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Lucara Diamond Corp (Lucara) will initiate and promote ongoing dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders across our operations, maintained in a spirit of transparency and good faith. Lucara recognizes that effective stakeholder engagement can create value and mitigate risk for both the company and its stakeholders. We acknowledge that mining is, by definition, finite and therefore will work to provide lasting benefits in the communities where we live and work.

Lucara will:

  • Work consultatively with community partners to ensure that our support matches their priorities;
  • Ensure that our support is focused on sustainable community development rather than dependency;
  • Impact positively on the quality of life of members of the local community;
  • Seek opportunities to maximize employment and procurement for local communities through the provision of suitable training opportunities and resources; and
  • Conduct our activities to meet or exceed accepted standards in the protection and promotion of human rights.

As approved by the Board of Directors on the 14 day of December, 2010 and amended on March 22, 2012