Lucara Diamond Sales

Tender Sales

Sales DateViewings (In Gaborone Only)
Mar 5, 2020February 23- March 5, 2020
May 14, 2020Postponed pending market conditions
Sep 3, 2020August 23- September 3, 2020
Dec 10, 2020November 30 - December 10, 2020

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Sales Information

For inquiries regarding the tender dates or the sales process please contact Steven Lincoln


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Historic Sales

336 Carats
$8.2M Sold For
327 Carats
$10.1M Sold For
812 Carats
$63.1M Sold For
270 Carats
$16.5M Sold For
342 Carats
$20.5M Sold For
119 Carats
$7M Sold For
224 Carats
$11.1M Sold For
1109 Carats
$53M Sold For

Sales Results

Lucara specials sold as single stone lots (+ 10.8 carat or coloured stones)